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Wood, Firewood, Logs, Tyacks, Firewood Supplier, Oxfordshire, Cotswolds

Sometimes evolution is just as valid as revolution

We have been trading as G and M Tyack for 50 years now.​

Ever since Gordon and Michael set up in the solid fuel trade, both of these esteemed gentlemen were of the mind that just because the job is hard and dirty, the people that do it needn't be.

Providing great customer service and attention to detail has always been the cornerstone of what we do.

Due to this ethos, we have built up a strong, loyal customer base. Some of whom have been with us from the very beginning, some recently and the majority for over 30 years.

We discovered that, as with any old friend, you tend to earn a nickname.


We think this is a real term of endearment and we love that people feel comfortable enough that they can use it.

​For our 50 year anniversary, we felt squeezing in a little change would be a good thing to do, so have decided to fully embrace this name to be more recognisable by all.

This includes a shiny new logo and new website.

​You can also find us on socials by searching ‘Tyacks_Firewood’

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